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Londres Menton - Welcome

Welcome !

Here the Alps meet the Mediterranean in a flurry of flowers, sunshine... and lemons! Welcome to the True Wonderland… Welcome to Menton. In its more than one hundred and fifty years of existence in the heart of the town and just 50 metres from the beach, the Hôtel de Londres and its listed facade have seen many notable people pass through. Friedrich Nietzsche found inspiration and wrote some of his works here, while the young Robert Louis Stevenson settled here for almost a decade so he could reap the benefits of the Menton environment. Today, the hotel is a colourful and welcoming haven in which it’s a pleasure to unwind in all seasons. Whether you’re sitting down for a generous gourmet breakfast, meditating in a comfortable chair in the garden while sipping homemade lemonade, or getting ready for your next adventure, there’s just one key principle: relax!

Let yourself be carried away by your desires, inspired by a setting that blends a pop spirit and Belle-Epoque aesthetics, and be pampered by our team, here in the heart of the True Wonderland.

Londres Menton - Welcome
Londres Menton - Welcome

Our Rooms

A colorful, sunny decor full of character

Exceptional service

An invitation to relaxation

Cast aside your everyday cares and enjoy the sense of welcome and the fine service provided by our team. With a breakfast comprised of a fine assortment of local, fresh and seasonal foodstuffs, a flowered-filled terrace, outdoor bar and garden, and comfortable rooms, everything is in place to guarantee you a break taken at your own pace and according to your desires. But we also add other delightful touches. A beach bag and meditation box in your room, availability of a stand-up paddleboard and mask and snorkel, afterbeach musical evenings and many other surprises await your discovery.

Hôtel de Londres The Breakfast

Lime House Bar

For a moment of escape

Enjoy the mildness of the Riviera climate throughout the year and relax at the Lime House, the bar of the Hôtel de Londres. A nod to our tutelary fruit, it also recalls Limehouse, the district of London from which long-distance sailors embarked on their voyages, and thus evokes travel and adventure. Unwind in the tranquil and flowery setting, sip a lemonade or a homemade iced tea, a craft beer or - why not? - a glass of champagne. For a lively afterbeach session or a romantic evening, the Lime House is a warm and friendly retreat very close to the beach.

Londres Menton - Welcome

Ideal Location

With its colourful Italian-style buildings, picturesque narrow streets, traditional ochre tiles and magnificent panoramic setting between the mountains and the Mediterranean, Menton is a work of art. And it is in this iconic sanctuary that the Hotel de Londres, a former wing of the Palais Astoria, has its ideal location. Slightly set back from the beach, its garden is a haven of tranquillity in the middle of the town.

The nearby Vieille Ville (Old Town) invites you to stroll and offers its casino for your entertainment. The Hôtel de Londres is the starting point for a thousand adventures, including hikes in the Mercantour, bicycle rides to the hilltop villages, learning about lemon cultivation, exploring the Vallée des Merveilles, visits to botanical and exotic gardens, and much more.

Londres Menton - Welcome
Londres Menton - Welcome
Londres Menton - Welcome