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A relationship of trust

Hôtel de Londres

The excellent bread from the Atelier Boulanger

Your crispy breakfast baguette and croissants take less than five minutes to arrive at your table in the Hôtel de Londres. That’s because we have chosen to form a partnership with the Atelier Boulanger, located a few steps from the beach. Artisanal savoir-faire, high quality products, and a smile… It all comes together for your pleasure.

Hôtel de Londres

Gourmet jams from the Maison Herbin

For almost 50 years, the Maison Herbin has maintained a true Menton culinary heritage: that of jam. On your toast for breakfast or - why not? - eaten with a spoon, you can enjoy the best fruits of the Menton Riviera. You can even visit the Maison Herbin workshops!

Hôtel de Londres

Confectionary from the Maison Samaran

This is a beautiful Menton address which offers all the flavours of local gastronomy. We have chosen to introduce you to their confectionary, which you will find in your room. They combine traditional savoir-faire, authentic flavours and the sunshine of the Menton Riviera.

Hôtel de Londres

Our two artisanal brewers: the Mentounasc and the Bière du Comté

For your aperitifs on the terrace, we have selected two wonderful partners. The Mentounasc is a little treasure that highlights the IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) lemon of Menton. This lemon beer, which is adaptable to suit your tastes, can be enjoyed equally well in the heat of summer and the cool of winter.

And don’t miss the Bière du Comté. Brewed at the gates of Mercantour, it highlights all the contrasts of our region. 100% natural, 100% organic, it represents everything we love!

Hôtel de Londres

Welcome to the Au Pays du Citron

We chose to source IGP (Protected Geographical Indication) lemons from Au Pays du Citron to make our lemonades. Citrus growers and creators of lemon-based products, Fabrice and Sonia Puech lovingly maintain the ancestral passion for this fruit symbol of Menton. Enjoy a guided tour of their lemon orchards!

Hôtel de Londres

Fantino: our Italian choice

Did you know that your coffee crossed the border before arriving in your cup at the Lime House? We chose the Fantino, located in Cuneo, for its organic coffees and artisanal roasting. They capture the full aromas and flavours of real Italian coffee and guarantee you sheer coffee bliss.